14699725_1159613854130372_1330815354_nFlotsam Metric is a new band from Wageningen, consisting of students and scientist, brought together by a silent love and ambition to make music and forge a band. The first formation presented itself on a spontaneous jam session in the streets of Wageningen and turned out to a band with serious ambitions to perform and write history. It went through a lot of formations during the last 2 years and but it started once with the solid core of the band, Santos (guitarist) and Tim (sing and song writer) they played their first song together; Hey Joe from Jimi Hendrix. This was well received and soon followed by a rooftop concert on Tim’s birthday party where Santos, who had been playing together for a while already, with a drummer and a bass player, provided the music for the night with Tim taking the mic every opportunity he got to release his sound. After this event it was silent for two years until a famous festival in Wageningen called ‘Droeffest’ took place. Tim (after a few drinks) was able to get his hands on a guitar and took the stage on one of the podia where he played some of his own authentic songs. Santos, attracted by this unique sound, immediately saw a serious potential for a future cooperation. Hence; soon after a jam was organized in which Santos and Tim participated and the first musical outbursts of Flotsam Metric were being produced. From there the musical expression started to flow with some small concerts around Wageningen and new band members joining in. First Nicolo, a friend of Santos, who started off as the second guitarist, but at some point took over the bass and now is part of a solid rhythmic section, then Lana (sing and song writer) joined, an old housemate and friend of Tim and making a big part of the Flotsam songs, but currently in Aruba. And the last member is Mathijs who took over the drums and fills in what was missing in the heart off the Flotsams. Now two years after the first signs of life this formation of unconventional minds became Flotsam Metric!

The Shows

When Flotsam Metric performs they make a show. They work in theme’s to which they create, adjust and fit their songs to. So far they created four shows; ‘The weeping willow’, ‘Sex drugs and rock and roll’, ‘The beatles’ and ‘The Mind Machine’. Currently they are working on a fifth called ‘Histories confession’.

The Weeping willow show

A show with intriguing songs that cover all the social despair and environmental destruction in the world, but also signs of hope.

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll!

Back to the origine of Rock how it should be!

The Beatles

Celebrating 50 years of stg. Pepper lonely heartsclub band by doing a tribute to the famous rooftop concert of the Beatles in London.

The Mind Machine

A psychedelic sound and a visual trip. The Mind Machine is the digital drug translated into music and Visuals.

Mind Machine Flotsam

Histories confession

The latest show which is still in the progress of making.